How To Find And Print Your Vouchers

The first thing you need to do is log into your account. If you made your purchase by logging in with Facebook, you need to login with that account.

Where do I log in?
At the top right of screen:

Once you are logged in, you will have a new menu item called "My Account"

Clicking on "My Vouchers" will take you a page displaying all of your vouchers purchased under the account you are logged in as.

If you want to print your voucher - Click on "View Voucher" which will bring up a small preview window:

Next, click the "Print" button. This will open your voucher in a new,plain window to print. In Windows, you can press control-p to print and on Macs you can press command-p
Also, under your File menu in your browser will be an option to "Print".

If you want to send a copy of this voucher to your email - Click on "Email This Voucher" which will bring up a small window to enter an email address in.

Enter in any email address that you want to send this voucher to and hit "Send". Your voucher will be delivered within 5 minutes.
Please be sure to check you spam folder just in case it was placed there on accident.